A Gear Haiku

Small. Miniature.
Please. Please, do more than one thing.
Oh the obsession.

Game Changers

"I didn't know it could be like this."

Stuff that helps you sleep better (or at all) on a flight, use your phone internationally without breaking the bank, and a whole bevvy of fantasticness.


Capsule Wardrobe Items

“My outfit was perfect”
*Sigh* The search for perfection continues. These fantastic clothing items might help.


I should have brought...

Sometimes, accessories are necessary. You can brighten up an outfit, and bring something functional. Here are a few of our favorite items for various occasions.


The Archives

For the journalers and urban-sketchers amongst us, we have loads (and I mean freaking loads) of art-supply travel gear options.


The best stuff to put your stuff in

Context people. Seriously, can you say “too many options?” We can help you find great tried-and-true stuff to put your stuff in and think about why you “have to have” that one.


Regrets. I've had a few.

The epic search for the perfect travel shoes continues. There are so many things I would do differently, and here are some stellar options.


Digital Nomad-itry

How to set up a killer mobile-office, ideas for the phone-only to amateur- and serious-photographers, and just great options for stuff that runs on juice.

Storage & Re-homing

Where did I put that...?

Shhh…. shhh… it’s alright. We have some great storage ideas for all of your travel gear. And yes, there are many ways to recycle, donate, swap, and sell your gear.

Swirl Top

*Gasp* Where can I find that?!

We have picked out some of our favorite travel gear items to get you ready for your next adventure.

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