One Way to Travel During Lockdown

We connected with our foodie tour guide from our trip to Turkey last year.

These Galavanters are stuck inside with the rest of the socially responsible population, but that doesn’t mean we’re not adventuring! In early May we scheduled a bread-baking session with Aysegul at WithLocals, who took us on a private food tour of Istanbul last year when we visited. She is a pastry chef and a very cool person.

We made Simit bread, which is a Middle-Eastern cousin to a bagel. The recipe was easy and the results delicious, as you can see above. The online meeting wasn’t without it’s initial tech glitches. You also have to be aware of the time difference with Turkey (we had our session at 11:30AM, which is late night in Istanbul). But it was a great experience and we’ll be doing it again with other dishes. Give it a try!


WithLocals – Bake Turkish Bread with Aysegul