Trip Planning

Item #1, you have a destination (Yay!), and the excitement is building.
Now what?


2) The Adventurers

Who is going?

Are you going solo? As a couple? With a friend? With a group?
Traveling by yourself is a fantastic experience, and there are ways to feel safe and secure along the way that do not always apply to travel units or groups. Couples tend to know each other’s rhythms, and planning together can be a fun experience. Traveling with a friend can be fantastic or fatal – how can you both be the best possible travel companions? Group travel can be both rewarding and frustrating – how can you make the most of a group experience?

Risotto & Dreams

3) Trip Type

What kind of trip are you taking & how long will you be gone?

Business? Education? Wedding? Reunion? Spa? Siteseeing? Research? Hiking? Camping? Going on safari? Living Abroad? Other? All of the above?
Nailing down what type of trip this will be is going to open up a host of possibilities for where to stay, what and how to pack, and what kind of reservations you may need to make and tickets you may need to buy before you go and while you are on your adventure.

King's Cross Station

4) Budget

Where will you be & how will you get around?

Accommodations? How much walking will you be doing? Will you be renting a car? Taking a bus? Going by train? Boat? Motorcycle? Scooter?
The two most expensive pieces to traveling (for most people) are transportation and accommodations. Determining your comfort levels in these areas is going to go a long way in helping you enjoy your trip. You may be a budget traveler, a resort traveler, or somewhere in between. Depending on how physical you would like to be, you may need to setup your transportation plans before you go.

The Fun Begins