Introducing Armchair Travel

Seriously, right now, don’t go anywhere. Stay in your house. (This too shall pass.)

But that’s not to say we Galavanters think you shouldn’t travel. Quite the contrary.

There are tons of ways you can experience the joy of travel from your living room, with a glass of wine and no vaccinations needed. And I don’t just mean tuning into the Travel Channel on your TV. I mean immersive, interactive travel.

One of our favorite activities when traveling is to visit museums, both iconic and local-quirky. Here’s a list of ones we’ve personally visited that offer virtual tours (not just informational sites):

We can’t help but recommend this site for tours of our National Parks. It’s very well done. Put on headphones!

Disney World is great for kids – or sufficiently stir-crazy grownups, Disney is putting immersive virtual versions of their rides on Youtube: WGN has the story and handy links.

Finally, you’ll want to stay interactive, not just passively immersed. See our “related gear” section below for info on video conferencing sites and apps, and gear to connect to your device to stay in audio and visual communication with your fellow travel adventurers!

Check back with this page – we’ll update it as we get new, cool links.