Toilet Paper Problem Solver

Culo Clean Travel Bidet

The Bidet!

For the last year, I’ve been traveling with a travel bidet. It’s great for travel and hiking/backpacking, and a fantastic (and cleaner) alternative to toilet paper!

I’ve been using the Culo Clean Portable Bidet and know a number of other folks who like the UYICOO Portable Bidet. It’s a small attachment that fits onto almost any standard plastic water bottle.

Fill the bottle with clean water, point and squirt, and use one or two sheets of TP to dry off (or air dry)—or give the Kula Cloth a try. It’s another one of my favorite pieces of travel and backpacking gear now finding its way into everyday life.

Kula Cloth

And, of course, wash your hands. Voila!

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