I am a nerdy little introvert with an obsession for travel gadgets. The more miniature, the better. Does more than one thing?... I am in love.

I am equally obsessed with packing light and right. Not dental-floss-and-a-knife bare-bonesing it, but travel with a half full carryon in any kind of weather, for any situation and destination, and for any amount of time and feeling like I packed like a champ.

I like a nice hotel, AirBnB, or VRBO. I am no longer a strictly-budget traveler but do look for budget options.

My tastes are all over the place and include contemporary local flavor, location history, and museums as well as all the fun eclectic ambiance I can find.

Did I mention food? I love to try it all, from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants and everything in between.



I am the extroverted guitar nerd in our travel unit. My obsession is for guitars and music.

Although we live in one of the greatest cities in the world, I have a deep love for London. Give me a rainy, cold English pub with dart-playing locals, and I will be in heaven.

Watching Nicole pack is both amazing and amusing. I like to throw some stuff into a bag and go. Lucky for me, my travel buddy has taught me that a little planning and organization go a long way. Especially in a stressful situation.

I like being in the heart of each location and get satisfaction at finding a great place to stay at a good price. I also like researching places that will appeal to both of us—I am an early-bird coffee drinker, while Nicole is a gradual waker-upper. Finding a rental situation where I know she is safe and comfortable while I grab coffee and the local paper in the morning is key.

Oh, and pretty much any cuisine without mushrooms.

On The Move

We both love the process of planning our trips and our skills are complimentary. We revel in trip-planning date nights where we sketch the outline of our next excursion and learn about each new place.

Kissing in the Albacine

Whether searching out a guitar store, a cooking class or a museum, playing darts with locals, or sharing a meal with new friends, our different interests make for fun travel adventures and open our eyes to what is special about the world and each other.

Kissing in the Albacine

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